Monday, October 18, 2010

Microfiction Monday

And once again, it's time for Microfiction Monday! Above is this week's picture and below is my entry. Take part here.

For European readers, taking part in a regular blog event with regular rules like this is making me feel exactly like those poor souls who have to write the script for Have I Got News For You, finding a new way to say 'And now to our final missing words round. . . .' every week :)

The animated version of The Princess Bride hit a snag when the editor asked why the animator decided Buttercup had to have some potatoes.

Sorry, but that is clearly Fezzik at the window. I wonder where he got the crown. . .


  1. LOL!! I had to squint but yep -there be Fezzik!
    Take care

  2. Fun one for the day!!! Enjoy your week!


  3. Ellen;

    Princess Bride, great take for the picture this week. I see Fezzik, I do!

  4. Thanks all, glad you all enjoyed it :)

  5. Love it, Ellen!

    And what a beautiful photo...

    And I LOVE 'Have I Got New for You'!

  6. Love that movie and your take. :O)

  7. The guy carrying the bricks does look like a shorter version of Fezzik the giant. I thought those things on the wooden tray at her feet were little straw hats..doh!! They could be covered baskets of potatoes. Clever take on this week's picture!

  8. A very different take on it -- wonderful.

    Kay, Alberta

  9. What a great way to reference that terrific movie! Loved it :)

  10. One of my favorite movies of all times!!!

    "Stop it, I mean it!"
    "Does anybody want a peanut?"

    Ahh--sheer poetry...LOL

    Have a great week. Cheers!

  11. Thanks everyone!

    This picture inspired some great entries, I loved reading them.

  12. Excellent! I love the Princess Bride. And it does look like Fezzik. lol


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