Monday, September 20, 2010

Top Ten TV Shows Blogfest

A little late to the party, but thanks to DL I made it!

My entry for the Top Ten TV Shows Blogfest, courtesy of Alex J. Cavanaugh - good Irish name too :p

1. House
2. I, Claudius
3. 30 Rock
4. Doctor Who
5. M*A*S*H (far from my favourite but I respect the show a lot for achieving so much as a comedy based on that most serious of situations)
6. Frasier
7. Blackadder (single-handedly got me through a sizeable chunk of my English degree - even my lecturer agreed it was a pretty good guide to British royal history for novices. And the final episode is such a masterpiece)
8. Auf Wiedersehen Pet
9. Black Books
10. South Park


  1. House and MASH - excellent choices! I almost selected 30 Rock. Such a quirky show. Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  2. I especially loved 30 Rock's nod to MASH - when Alan Alda's character sees Tracy crying about his memories of school and says 'A man crying about a chicken and a baby? I thought this was supposed to be a comedy show!'

    The first I heard of it was from DL's blog this morning, and it looked fun - and also a great way to get ideas for new stuff to watch.

    Congratulations on your upcoming book release by the way :)

  3. If I thought mini-series counted I would have listed I, Claudius as my number one. I have the entire series on VHS. Would love to find it on DVD. I can't believe someone else has seen it and also includes Frasier!

  4. Oooh nice new blog template - lovely!

    And fab picks - esp, Blackadder and Frasier, Doctor Who, Auf Weidersehen.. er actually most of what's on your list ROCKS!!! :-)

    Take care

  5. I haven't heard of some but I love your picks! Love House and MASH.

    Clarissa Draper from Listen To The Voices

  6. I'd certainly go along with all of those, House especially. But, for me, any list without either The Wire or Twin Peaks has something missing.

  7. Gregg, I have I, Claudius on DVD, it was a gift from my aunt a few years ago. I also love the book. You can't beat a good BBC adaptation - and it cemented Sian Phillips as one of my all-time favourite actresses.

    Kitty, glad someone else out there likes Auf Wiedersehen Pet - would have to be a Brit of course, even we have trouble with some of the accents :)

    Definitely seems to be a lot of MASH love out there today Karen, we're not alone.

    Clarissa, not surprised to hear that as there a few older shows on there, and at least one is a bit obscure, but always good to find another House fan!

    Simon, I've never seen either one but I'll have to check them out as I've heard nothing but good things about both.

  8. I have watched a little of black books it was recommended because I like spaced. the first two eps didn't grab me though. should I continue?

  9. I can't imagine House *not* being on most people's lists! I lovelovelove Hugh Laurie!

  10. I wanted to include 30 Rock, but then I figured that if I did I probably would have to admit that I saw all four seasons this summer when I was supposed to write my thesis. And I just didn't want to make that kind of record online (oops...)

    And I love Black Books. Dylan Moran is hilarious in all his misanthropy.

  11. Knew most of these as I live in the UK,
    Loved your choice,


  12. Nice choices, it's very hard to pare down the list... I love some of those shows!

  13. GREAT list! I'm kicking myself for forgetting Frazier AND House. It was very hard to make a list. I seem to have forgotten many great shows!

  14. Can't beat Frasier. Best television writing. Ever.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  15. Budd, the style of Black Books is pretty similar across the whole three seasons. I would say if it hasn't grabbed you yet, it probably won't. Also, Spaced was one of the shows I had to cut from my list, but it definitely deserves a mention.

    Have to agree, Candyland, Hugh Laurie is brilliant. If you've ever seen any of his early work (Jeeves and Wooster, Blackadder, etc) it's genuinely hard to believe it's the same guy. I loved his daft-rich-English-guy schtick but never thought of him as especially versatile. Then House happened and now I think he's a genius :)

    Also glad to see so may Frasier fans on here - Frasier is a little bit niche-y in Ireland. Niche-y may be the wrong word (because it isn't, in fact, a word. . . ) but not many people would put it in their top ten. Good to know it has the recognition it deserves. My favourite character is probably Martin - I tend to assume everyone prefers Niles.

  16. i never realized blackadder was a tv show. when i was in jr.high, we'd always have sleepovers at this one gal's house and watch the same video of blackadder and giggle uncontrollably! :)

  17. More shows I haven't seen except for a few episodes of MASH and South Park. I'm not doing very well with this Top Ten List.

    Tossing It Out

  18. I, Claudus. Patrick Stewart (aka Jean-Luc Picard) with hair! It only seems like yesterday.

    Great list!

    Top Ten TV Blogfest

  19. Another Black Adder fan! it didn't make my list but its still a great show! so is house! :D

  20. Lee, just think of it as inspiration when you next need something to watch :)

    Ellie, I agree, it's pretty surreal. . . Also, you know George Baker (Tiberius) was only five years or so younger than Sian Phillips (Livia)?

    Kelley, I like your list too, HIMYM is great!


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