Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NaNoWriMo - Official Noveller

There are many things to love about Nanowrimo. The copious amounts of caffeine. The active and brilliant forum. The excuse to ignore every other obligation for a month.

My personal favourite, though, is that for one month only, the word 'novel' becomes a verb. 'Can't talk, novelling.' 'I'm off to novel.' 'I need to find more time to novel.' So for November, I'm not a writer. I'm a noveller.

There is more to Nanowrimo than just putting your head down and writing frantically until your fingers start to melt, though. There is also a very vibrant community around this mad activity, mostly on the forums, but also offline. Every year, Nanowrimo's Municipal Liaisons volunteer to organise meet-ups, write-ins, parties, events or whatever else they can think of in their hometowns.

And this year I am Co-ML for Dublin :) I'm really excited about it. I love Nanowrimo anyway, and this year I get to be more involved than usual. It also gives me an extra incentive to win, because Nano Head Office ask that MLs do their very best to win to motivate other Nano-ers in their region.

I've won Nanowrimo before, but never while working full-time. So this year, I have less writing time than the last time I won. I have the added responsibility and time commitment of being an ML. I'm under extra pressure to win. And I am considering aiming higher than 50k.

I cannot wait :D

So if you're interested in writing 50,000 words in a month, head over to the Nanowrimo.org and start reading. The forums re-launch for 2010 later this week. And if you're a Dubliner interested in Nanowrimo, head for the Dublin Forum in Regional Lounges and say hi! We'll have weekly meet-ups running for the month of November, regular write-ins and possibly more. . .


  1. Wow, Municipal Liaison... that sounds fancy and fun. :) Congrats!

  2. I'm in this year, Ellen. It is crazy insane fun, and like you, trying to do it whilst working full-time may well stretch my sanity!

  3. Cool! I wish there was a municipal liaison for my region... *sigh* no such luck.

  4. It does sound pleasingly important, doesn't it? :)

    Good luck Donna - hopefully we can cheer each other on!

    Tessa, good luck with Nano! I really enjoyed your review of 'No Plot? No Problem!'. Hope it goes well!

  5. I've never Nanoed (or novelled). I don't think I have it in me. But I truly admire those that do! Good luck!

  6. Thanks Tamara - Nanoing isn't for everyone, but those that do it can be very exuberant about it!

  7. I'm organizing myself for the November NaNoWriMo lock-up in my study. It will be my first.

    I've also posted an award for your lovely blog over on my site. I love your blog title!

  8. Good luck with Nano, Carolyn - at least we know we're not alone in the madness. . .

    And thank you for the award :) Apart from the lovely though, it also matches my colour scheme and blog title very well!

  9. Am seriously thinking about giving this a go this year. Have neglected my writing and love the mad approach! Generally work best in short bursts under pressure... might just give it a go!

    Thanks for the push.. may see you onboard!


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