Friday, July 2, 2010

Born on the Fourth of July

This isn't a hugely personal blog, but today I'd like to say something personal. This weekend is - as I'm sure you've all heard! - the fourth of July, and almost all of my American blog friends have mentioned it.

The fourth of July is also my dad's birthday. He passed away in 2005.

He died on 2nd April 2005, the same day as Pope John Paul II. Every year on his birthday he got a parade and people would walk the streets and say 'Happy Fourth of July!' (yes, even in Dublin, just not too many of them). And the day he died, every flag in Ireland flew at half-mast.

He was like that :)

So every time the local paper prints fun American facts for the Fourth, I remember him. The title of the film 'Born on the Fourth of July' makes me think of him. So do a million other things - old books, newspapers, crosswords, the smell of engine oil, old Mercs, New Orleans, boats, the sight of Arabic script (he spent ten years in the Middle East before I was born). And not just on the Fourth, every single day.

There's no point to this post, really. I just thought that out of these 100+ blog posts, it would be nice to have just one that said that he lived, and that I miss him.


  1. Happy Birthday to your dear departed Dad. Very nice post in memory.

  2. This is a lovely and fitting tribute to your dad.

    Happy birthday to him. His memory lives on here in blogworld thanks to you.

    Take care

  3. Hi Ellen, been reading your blog for ages. This was a lovely post, it made me cry a bit. So sorry you lost your Dad.

  4. :) Keep those memories alive, always and as many times as possible ... it is never too much.

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us. Your dad sounds fun! What a cool birthday and fabulous tribute to him from his daughter.


  6. Hi Ellen.. I am sure your dad is reading this with a wry smile! He sounds like an interesting character and I can understand why you miss him. This is a lovely tribute and I hope helps you to keep his memory alive!

  7. Hi guys, thanks for all the lovely comments.

    Anna - sorry I made you cry, but it's great to hear from you :) Thanks for reading.

    Lupie, nice to meet you and it sounds like you've been through a lot. I hope things look up for you.

  8. Happy Birthday to your departed father. So sorry he's no longer with you.

  9. Great post Ellen.
    A very bitter sweet day for you...

  10. I think this is beautiful post. It shows how much your father meant and still means to you. I just joined your blog and look forward to reading all your posts. Have a wonderful day! MJ

  11. Thanks M. J., that's nice to hear.

    Likewise - I'll be following your blog now :)


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