Friday, April 2, 2010

Yay, Blog Award! And Dublin Stuff

I have two blog awards to share, but as my first post is likely to be a bit long, I'm taking them one by one!

KarenG has very kindly given me the Beautiful Blogger award :)

So I am now supposed to post seven interesting things about myself and pass the award on to five deserving bloggers. At least the second part will be easy :) But since Karen bent the rules by posting seven self-defeating attitudes for writers (which are very good, by the way, and worth a read!), I'm going to cheat a little too and post seven interesting things about Dublin. I'm an Irish blogger, after all, Paddy's Day wasn't long ago, and my blog is looking pretty green at the moment! Also, just after I decided to do this, one of my new followers (Kathi) suggested she'd like to hear more about life in Dublin - I hope this counts, although life in Dublin isn't all about lions, old libraries and arthouse cinemas, unfortunately. . .

1. The writer Jonathan Swift is buried under the aisle of St. Patrick's Cathedral. Nope, not because he was a writer, it's not our equivalent of Poet's Corner - when he was alive, he was the Dean of St. Patrick's.

2. The relics of St. Valentine are allegedly in Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin 8. I say 'allegedly' because there are a few sets of relics of St. Valentine and various sources disagree on how genuine they all are. Special masses are said in Whitefriar Street church on Valentine's Day for people in love, and couples about to be married can bring their rings to be blessed.

3. Handel's Messiah premiered in Dublin in 1742. In Fishamble Street, to be precise. It was sung by the combined choir of Christ Church and St. Patrick's Cathedrals - and yes, Jonathan Swift was Dean at the time. I'm hoping to make it along to the anniversary celebrations next week.

4. The Dublin urban area population is 1.045 million, and somehow we support three arthouse cinemas.

5. The first public library in Ireland was Marsh's Library, opened in 1701. It's still open and functioning as a library today. If you're a Harry Potter fan, you should go and visit if you're ever in Dublin - it looks like a tiny version of the Hogwarts Library and the founder was named Narcissus Marsh, which is a pure Harry Potter name! Also, it's just around the corner from St. Patrick's Cathedral, so you can pop in on your way to visit Jonathan :)

6. The earliest known copies of the Letters of St. Paul, the Book of Revelations and the Gospels and Acts are in Dublin, in the Chester Beatty Library. Don't ask me how we swung that. We have Alfred Chester Beatty to thank for it, anyway. The museum they're in is free to visit and has a rather nice restaurant/cafe in the grounds.

7. The lion that roars at the start of every MGM-produced film was born in Dublin Zoo. His name was Cairbre. Apparently.

Now, to pass the award on to five bloggers that I think are really good!

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Thanks again, Karen!


  1. Hi

    Lovely award - congratulations!

    I love these facts about Dublin - especially no. 7! I mean, wow!! It's an image I'm so familiar with but never thought of the history of that poor lion roaring away for MGM! I hope he got some of the royalties..!!

    Thanks for sharing such fascinating facts about Dublin!

    happy Easter!

    Take care

  2. Fantastic!! Congratulations on the award!!! Your blog is awesome :)

    Thanks for the info about Dublin I love learning new things!

  3. Thank you, Ellen. You're too sweet.

  4. Congrats to you Ellen and I enjoyed the way you tweaked the award. Very entertaining!

    Thanks so much for tagging me! And you included me with such illustrious company! All of these gals are so awesome that I get the warm fuzzies just being mentioned in the same sentence. :)

  5. That was really interesting! Wow, Dublin is now on my list of top 3 places to visit. And thanks for the compliment btw :)

  6. Glad you guys liked it, I had a lot of fun researching this post :)

    Donna, DL, you're both more than welcome!

  7. Ellen!! Thank you so much for the beautiful award! It made my day to know you thought of me, and I look forward to passing it on.

    Have a great week!

  8. That was a nice twist on the award Ellen. Really enjoyed being reminded of some of these facts about Dublin. Being a country girl come up to the big city for the civil service! I didn't know about the MGM Lion though. You learn something new everyday.

  9. Love Marsh's Library! Didn't know that about the lion, though. Very interesting.

  10. Congrats on the award! Yay!

    Love the Dublin facts.

  11. Thanks for sharing more about Ireland! Great post.

  12. I always thought the lion was pretty common knowledge. Maybe I just know a lot of MGM Lion braggarts or something. . . :)


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