Friday, April 2, 2010

Feelings of Blog Inadequacy


I recently found out what that 'Edit Pages' button at the top of the 'Posting' tab on Blogger does. It allows one to add pages to one's blog, so that one can have a nice row of links along the top, linking to things that deserve a full page independent of the main blog. As the name implies.

What kind of things? Well, I started wondering. Whenever I hear the word 'pages' I get this uncontrollable urge to be somehow involved.

A bio, perhaps. Except that my bio, over in the sidebar, is pretty much as good as it gets. I don't need a longer bio. I really am a compulsive reader and would-be novelist who lives in Dublin, and it is all completely true about the tea (scandalous. . .). I don't have a long list of publication credits or places I've lived. I don't need to direct people to my knitting blog, my movie blog, my baking blog or my macrame blog. I don't have three beautiful children that can behave cutely in front of the camera so that I can post their adorable toothless grins on a blog Page.

I am simply not Page-worthy.

I've been trying to think of other uses for blog pages, as I do so love the idea of a blank page to play with. Any ideas? Do you know of any bloggers who've done something fun or creative with them? What do you use yours for?


  1. Hi

    Well I never!

    I never realised this! LOL! Mind you after having a gander at the Blogger FAqs one of the main things seem to be to use it as a "contacts page" as in direct people where you or your business is/are located using google map directions.

    On the other hand there are bloggers with several blogs within their blogs - one for their interests, e.g. their pets, one for their own musings.

    I for one would be most interested in your "macrame" blog only cos I have no idea what that is!

    Take care and Good luck!

  2. I didn't know this either! And I'm going to figure it out because I've been considering how to do a blog with specific platform for each of my books (all 2 of them haha!). So I guess I'd use it that way? Not sure really. But I have been thinking lately that there's more I want to do on blogger, making it more like an interractive website than simply a blog, but not sure how to do it. Maybe this is the answer.

  3. Oh, don't feel unpageworthy! If it helps, I didn't add one either. What more to say? It just means we are super-succinct!

  4. Ellen, I just used it to post a sample excerpt from my book Farm Girl. Yet it is subtle and no one has to go there unless they want to, so it's not like I have a lot of text on my sidebar pushing my book on people. I really like this option! Now I'm going to do the same for my other book. This is great! Thank you!

  5. Good grief, yes, I didn't know that was there either! Thanks for that. As to what it's to be used for I'm not sure either. Hmmm ...

  6. Kitty, macrame is the craft of making textiles by typing knots. I can't do it, but I would like to learn some day because it does look very cool []. I do knit and bake and like movie, though :)

    Marsha, I am choosing to believe I'm just succinct, thanks :)

    Karen, that's such a great use of Pages! I just had a look over at your blog and that's such a good idea. Glad to have helped you find it.

    Simon, if you get inspired, let me know :)

  7. Ellen, I gave you an award today at my blog :) Maybe it will help with the blog envy lol!

  8. I post things that inspire me, I actually plan on creating some nature pictures that inspired me to write my current novel.

    I have women who've inspired me, my blogs and some other things! I hope that helps, lol!

  9. Hi there, I'm here from Karen's blog. I've looked around a bit and like your blog a great deal. Also, thanks for the tip on "pages."
    If you don't mind, I'm going to tag along.

  10. I didn't know it was there either!

    There you go, you could link to a "blogging for dummies" page, because clearly most of us are utterly clueless.

  11. I didn't know about that option either. Thanks! I'm so glad I found your blog. I'd love to know more about you and your life in Dublin. There's something to fill your page with.

  12. I didn't know anything about this either. I used to do macrame in my long distant youth. I knit, bake, watch movies too. Jezz, no wonder I haven't published anything yet.

  13. Hi Karen, thanks for the award! Loved your Seven Self-Defeating Attitudes, I'm going to bend the rules with my award a little too :)

    Jen, that's a great idea, I love what you did with your pages! Plenty of things to think about. . .

    Thanks for tagging along, Pat, I've tagged along over at your writing blog too. I love your photography too, there's some really beautiful work there.

    Donna, I've been on Blogger seriously since November and I only spotted it now - I don't think I'll be headhunted for my awesome intellect just yet!

    Kathi, thanks for the follow :) You'll like my next post if you want to know stuff about life in Dublin!

    Ann, that's our problem - we're just too productive and skilled at multi-tasking.

  14. Methinks this might be a newish feature on blogger.
    I'm fairly sure you used to have to do this by either writing the code yourself or uploading a third party template.
    Caffeine poisoning is a definite risk down this way too, but I can't imagine cutting back on my coffee or good old black tea.

  15. LOL, well hon, it looks like you woke us all up! I didn't know it was there either but now I will find something to fill in the pages! ;-)

    Thanks for sharing this little tidbit!


  16. Ellen,

    Go check out my blog and see what I did with the extra pages! I just started but I'll come up with more...what do you think? Is it giving you any idea's?

    I'm sooo happy ya' told me about this!


  17. I only just discovered this recently as well and already set up pages even though there's nothing on some of them yet! I have an FAQ up there, along with a page for my monthly column, And am going to write a longer bio. THe pages will come in handy for the book later but I agree with you - most of my stuff can be found in the sidebar!

  18. Al, Elle, thanks for the comments, I've wandered over to both of your blogs, liked them and followed them. Elle, I signed up for the Prospera newsletter on Marsha's recommendation and I really like your columns :)

    Hawk, I love what you've done with the Pages feature! It was great to get an idea of what you've written.


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