Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Caught Up

I'm almost caught up with my typing!

Although I feel a bit like Sisyphus - I'm just about caught up and I'm already planning to write more, and so the whole circus starts again.

I have a busy week ahead so I won't get much time to write. I want to re-do that scene I mentioned recently (the one that wanted to go in a different direction when I typed it). I'm also about to write a Big Horrible InfoDump but I'm hoping to keep it short. I don't like scenes where two characters sit in their bedroom discussing things (although as a reader I don't mind them if they're done well). They've been discussing things for about a page and a half and I feel they're pushing it a little. . .

Even though I'm busy for very nice reasons, I always find it demoralising when I get a period of time when I just can't write anything for practical reasons. I start having visions of me aging in that way they use in films, with calendar pages rifling past and clock hands spinning and suddenly I'm a hundred and ten years old and I never wrote a book!

Being an hysteric is part of my charm, you understand.

I have to keep reminding myself that I'm writing this for myself. I'm trying not to think 'Oooh, how would that plot element work in a query letter?' or 'Would an agent think that idea was crap?' The whole point of this exercise was to rediscover the sheer joy in writing after spending a lot of time in the edit/polish/revise/redraft cycle on the last novel. And so far it's working. My insane fantasy elements are proving to be quite a lot of fun. I once wrote a fantasy novel for Nanowrimo where every character apart from one was named after a gemstone, a season or a metal. It was an exercise in pure cheese, and although this one isn't quite so deliberately bad, it's still fun in that throw-a-bag-on-your-head-and-do-it-for-Old-Glory way, as William Goldman says.

Does anyone else find that they need to switch off their inner desperation to be published in order to actually enjoy the first draft? Or is it just me?


  1. Of course it's not just you!


    but it is a very very very hard thing to do when the pressure is just all too much - especially when I read lots of blogs with all these wonderful writers talking about their contracts and their third novel about to be published etc...

    but yes, one has to switch off as much as possible and enjoy the writing!

    good luck!!

    Take care

  2. Nope not just you at all!!! I think every writer experiences this! I know when I was super close to finishing my first draft that is when the writers block hit me not because I didn't have the information to write but because I wasn't allowing myself to finish the story! I was thinking to far ahead, sometimes it is best to switch off and reset but that is much easier said than done!

    Good Luck!

  3. As Jen and old Kitty have already said, it's not just you.

    Nathan Bransford did have a point in his post yesterday when he said, 'If writing is always fun you may be doing it wrong.' However, the flip side of that is 'If writing is never fun you're doing something wrong'.

    Writing for yourself is important.

  4. Funny that, these past weeks that same calendar has been flipping its pages a little too quickly in my inner world. I have been feeling a desperate need to get myself it would seem I join you with this particular dilemma. Well done you for rising above it and writing for the pure enjoyment.

  5. It's definately not just you! I have that same excact thought. I always tell myself "Just have fun with this..don't worry that no one will ever read it." Its an ongoing battle! When you figure out the secret please let me know! Thanks for Following! I'll be following you!

  6. Most definitely not just you. Every time I have to fire that Inner Editor. Blast, you'd think she'd get the message after getting the axe so many times!

  7. Yes, I do need to switch off the inner me who yearns for publication. It's a journey and one I want to enjoy. Otherwise, what would be the point? Keep at it! I'm doing the same with my YA idea :-)

  8. I'm so glad it isn't just me!

    We should all start some sort of support grou- oh, wait. Blogger. Right. . . :D


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