Friday, March 26, 2010

RITA Nominations and Blog Haituseses

WRITING UPDATE: I haven't done one of these in ages! The new WIP is going well and is proving a lot more fun than the last one was by the time I put it aside (it always starts that way, doesn't it. . .?). I'm about 10,000 words in and I've enjoyed writing all of them, even it, then, and, but and blacksmith. My next writers' group meeting is on Tuesday and I'm less ashamed of myself than usual. I may even be able to come out from behind the famous flowery notebook that the WIP is in.

Courtney Milan got some good news today :)

I'm delighted for Courtney - I just finished her first novel and thought it was excellent so I'm keen to read the nominated novella. I'm just as pleased for Sherry Thomas, also nominated and also excellent.

Both ladies also have very good blogs, which are worth checking out. Courtney's husband reviews her books and he grades them in Sherman tanks. I want him to write a book too :) And Sherry Thomas is just hilarious, so even if their books aren't your usual genre, their blogs are worth a follow.

I have very little to blog about, apart from that.

My blogging has really suffered from the last month of on-and-off illness and minor ailments. I find the more I blog, the more ideas I get for blog posts - it's as though the time I put into blogging tips my mind into 'blog mode' and I start seeing ideas for posts, formulating more detailed responses to blogs I read, wondering how I would phrase something to get my exact meaning across - just generally being a better blogger. Finding the time isn't always easy and sometimes it's just so much simpler to pop the telly on and make some tea, but that time spent ultimately rewards me in spades.

It's such a terrible shame that I have no lessons about writing from the last few weeks to share with you all. Terrible.


  1. Congrats on the progress. Keep it up!:)

  2. Hi

    Yay for your and your WIP progress! This year has been very bad for viruses and illnesses so I do empathise.

    Thanks for the links - will check them out - sounds like fun (esp the husband who grades in sherman tanks. v. intriguing!).

    take care

  3. Sounds like excellent progress is being made on the WIP. Well done!

  4. Hi Ellen! I'm a new follower; I found your blog by way of Talli Roland's and glad I did :)

    Congrats on making progress with your WiP. I hope your illness is behind you so all your energy can go into your writing project!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Talli & Nicole - thanks for the follows, I've followed you both back! I can never have too many good blogs to read.

    Thanks for the congratulations, guys :)


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