Monday, March 22, 2010

Drought strikes

I've been editing a friend's novel recently.

By novel, I mean trilogy.

And by 'editing', I mean 'reading with mini Post-its and biro in hand, making notes on stuff I'd consider changing'.

This means I haven't had a handbag book for a while, so I have very little to blog about. I only realised this week how much I depend on the books I read to give me ideas for blog posts. See? Books are great. They make blogs happen.

I used to want to get a t-shirt printed saying 'People Are Great, They Make Books Happen.' I still might.

Anyway, even if it isn't helping me blog, I am thoroughly enjoying the editing process and having lots of fun with it. I can't share any great insights, since this is someone else's book and they should be allowed talk about their own lessons should they so wish, but one thing is for sure - I am dreading when it's my turn to go to the beta readers. I hope they're kinder than I am. . .


  1. Every writer needs a harsh critic. At best, you get a different perspective and a chance to see how something could appeal to a broader audience if you change it.

    At worst, you realise that, despite negative comments, this is a part of your work that simply must remain, and set out to make it work. The only issue then is figuring out how to make that happen...


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