Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alternate Version Blogfest

It occurs to me that if I wanted a pleasingly alliterative title for my blog, 'Feast or Famine' might be more appropriate than 'Pink Tea and Paper'.

Livia Blackburne's blog is currently plugging the Alternative Version blogfest.

The idea is to take a passage from your novel and rewrite it in different styles. See Livia's post for some fun examples from her own novel.

I can't wait. I'm setting up reminders on my phone to make sure I do it (it's on April 1st, which is a work day, so I could easily forget because I'm smart like that).

I just can't decide which WIP to play with. It will probably be my sensible, grown-up literary/book-club fiction (better known as the book with Rosie in it) because making that into something different and ridiculous will just be so much fun.

I think Rosie and Elizabeth could do with a little Chuck Palahnuik-ing up *evil cackle*

PS - After writing this but before posting it, I came across a very good link on DGLM's blog - this list of tips for polishing your manuscript. I found it very helpful. may be worth checking out.


  1. Thanks for pimping! I'm looking forward to see what people come up with :-)

  2. Good luck with choosing your WIP... a the sensible choice, always seems to be the easiest to select!

  3. I think I will go with the sensible - coming over all Palahniuk/Bret Easton Ellis/Stephen King/William Goldman on it would be so much fun :D

  4. I'm late in finding this as I've only just discovered your blog! But would have loved to have taken part. Love your blog by the way! I found you via Talli.


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