Friday, February 5, 2010

Zsa Zsa and I

Bet you didn't know that Axl Rose, Bob Marley and Rick Astley have the same birthday as Eva Braun.

Guess how I know? Because I do, too.

As well as Eva Braun, Axl Rose, Bob Marley and Rick Astley, I share my birthday tomorrow with Ronald Reagan, Babe Ruth, Rip Torn, Mamie Van Doren, BJ from M*A*S*H, Kate McGarrigle, Jim Sheridan, Kathy 'Voice Of Peggy From King of the Hill' Najimy, Calum Best and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Arthur Ashe, King George VI of England and eight of the Busby Babes died on my birthday. My father, a die-hard Manchester United fan, never forgot my birthday because of the Munich crash - and I wonder if he knew that he and George Best both had a child born on the same day. I think he would have liked that :)

Singapore was founded, New Zealand was established as a British colony and the first female Justice of the High Court of Australia was appointed (I was three, to put that in context).

What interesting things happened on your birthday? Wikipedia knows if you don't :)


  1. I'll have to look into what interesting things happened on my birthday!!!

    Happy Early Birthday :)

  2. Great post... love all the connections. Must look up mine on Wikepedia with DH today at the hospital. It'll be fun to share our results and pass the time :)

  3. Happy Birthday (for tomorrow!!!).

    What fun things happened on your day! Whole countries were founded, blimey!


    Take care

  4. Yeah, my post should probably have been called 'Singapore and I' but I liked the camp value of Zsa Zsa.

    Incidentally, I know that gramatically 'Zsa Zsa and me' is more correct, but I was making an obscure Betty McDonald reference ( :p

    February 6th is a good day to be born. Apart from Eva and Rick I'm in pretty good company :)

    Thanks for the happy birthdays guys!

  5. Oh my! I don't know what happened on my birthday, I will have to look it up. Your day is just filled with exciting events! The most importantly though, your birthday! Have a great day!


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