Thursday, February 25, 2010

Introducing Yet Another Blog Post With The Word Random In The Title

Hello all,

I have a few bits and pieces to mention today, so it was hard to think of a title for this post. I was going to call it something like 'Random Thoughts', but I think the word 'random' is insanely overused online. I like the word 'random', and I don't like seeing it exposed to this constant wear and tear, so if I'm going to use it, I'm sodding well going to be ironic about it.

So there.

Anyway, today is virtually all good news. I'm still sick (boo!) but apart from that, this is blog post of happy things.

Firstly, Claire Hennessy has a link to my recent post on telegrams over on her blog. She also recently posted a raft of book reviews so if you're stuck for something to read, visit Claire and scroll down.

For anyone who may have popped over here from Claire's blog to read about telegrams and decided to keep reading, I offer one that I left out of my earlier post for very good reasons which I will now go into in rather too much detail. I love blogging. No one tells me to shut up.

My godmother is very widely-read, and she told me once about a brilliant telegram exchange, but I can't remember who was involved. I texted her today to find out of she could remember, but between us we got nowhere, and Google was unhelpful. So this could be totally apocryphal, but it's fun.

A writer sent a manuscript to an editor, critic or otherwise Big Cheese for consideration. After a wait of quite some time (which I think we'll all sympathise with. . .), the writer sent a telegram.

Please inform soon of decision re manuscript as have other irons in fire.

Big Cheese cabled back:

Take out irons. Put in manuscript.

Not exactly uplifting in and of itself, I agree, but hey, has anyone here ever gotten a rejection that heartless?

My other happy thing is about a missing notebook containing a chapter or two of material that I have no memory of and would find really difficult to rewrite.

It showed up today, about two months after I realised it was missing.

It was like those scenes you see in airports where people hug and cry (I'm never involved in those airport scenes, I'm always too busy swearing at my wheely suitcase. My wheely suitcase flips over all the time. Is that normal?). It was also a little like that scene in the most recent episode of House where Dr. Cuddy lets out a lovely, loud, ferocious 'YES!' in the middle of the hospital lobby.

So yes, links and lost things. Time for some celebratory camomile tea. Party down. . .


  1. I love Dr. Cuddy... and I thought it was so cute how proud she was of herself! It was nice to see her side of the story, although I can never seem to get enough of Dr. House!! Bring it back! Bring it back! Can't wait for a new episode!

    Happy Days :)

  2. I saw that Cuddy show and loved it for the same reasons. For once her story was out front.

    But House is a keeper in all his flawed ways.

    I need some celebratory tea...

  3. I was surprised at how little House figured in her day - or maybe I was surprised at how good she was at keeping his crap in its proper place :)

    He is such a keeper.

    Did you see the episode from Wilson's point of view? I quite liked that one too, but Wilson is one of my favourite characters.


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