Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Assortment of Links

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, guys :D For your reading amusement, have some links:

This is simply hilarious. Nicola Morgan, the crabbit old bat, held a bad query contest some time ago and the results are great. I especially like If Only Your Neck Was Longer.

The BBC have published an article that suggests that we can feel younger physically using the power of our minds. The good news is I don't have to be 26 anymore if I don't want to. The other good news is that, even though Jennifer Aniston's production company is considering making a film about the retelling of this study, the BBC do not include any pictures of Ms. Aniston alongside their article, proving once again that the BBC is at the forefront of British journalism today :p


  1. Hi

    So think positive and your own personal world will be a beautiful and younger place! Hoooray!!

    Hope you had a great birthday!

    I think the great Ms Morgan is thinking of running another "bad query" comp. :-)I hope so - the 2009 winning result was hilarious!

    Take care


  2. Ellen,

    Thanks for coming by to visit I enjoyed your comments and I gave you another question...if you get a chance come back and visit and let me know what you think.

    I tend to be a positive person so I see myself as kind of an ambassador to my homeland...

    I don't think people can judge others and why they left Ireland...I know I would have been born there if our family history hadn't played a roll in our family having to leave our homeland because of the English...we did not leave willingly. Long time ago...when the English first invaded...history...

    I enjoyed you're post and will be back to visit.


  3. I hope so, Kitty :D

    I agree, Hawk, so many people had to leave for so many reasons. . . my family have a proud tradition of leaving and then coming back, which suggests we're either rubbish at change or just have commitment issues. For the last hundred years or so most people left for economic reasons. I do think that Americans have a better understanding than the rest of us about how heritage can last several generations - or as long as anyone is willing to keep it alive. In my opinion, people can identify whatever way they want, and if you feel Irish, then you are. It's not about what's on your birth cert :)


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