Monday, January 4, 2010

Stupid Minor Setback!


On the way to work this morning, I slipped on some ice. Dublin is currently in the middle of one of the coldest winters in forty years. The same cold snap gave us an almost-white Christmas (virtually every day but Christmas Day was snowy or frosty) and is responsible for the magical snowfall on New Year's Eve. It has now put me in a wrist-splint, which should spark many poetic thoughts about roses having thorns and nothing being perfect and how every wonderful moment in your life somehow messes up something for someone else, but frankly my overriding thought on the subject is currently "OW!"

Well, it's a bit less polite than that.

I slipped halfway to the bus stop and landed on my right hand. And yes, I'm right-handed. I'm actually very right-handed, because I broke my left elbow when I was a kid and never got into the habit of using my left hand quite so much once it healed.

So I'm off work for a week, and my dominant hand is strapped up so I can't write for long periods (typing this entry took a while!). This would be less bad if a friend of mine hadn't updated her Facebook with news that she has attained a word count in several months that almost equals mine . . . which took almost two years. And usually when things like that happen, I throw myself into writing. Which I can't do at the moment!

All very annoying. But then, learning not to compare myself to other writers is one of those big lessons I have to learn (actually, replace 'writers' with 'people' and it's still true). It would have been rather nice to learn it without an injured tendon in my wrist, but such is life!

Anyway, all this is to explain why my blog posts are about to get either less frequent or shorter. My money's on shorter, as I can still read provided I use my right hand to rest the book and turn pages with my left. Sitting in Accident and Emergency for an hour helped me hone this skill quite well :)

Oh, and also, my upcoming first writing group meeting? For me, it's Editing Group, for One Month Only! :)


  1. Oh I am so sorry Ellen---that stinks! But just rest, read craft books and let yourself heal. I butchered my left index finger cutting ham so I am mildly impaired, but I can still type. Hugs from me to you!! And be careful out there.

    Read the article you posted on my blog. I shared it on FB as well. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks, Christine - glad you liked the article!

  3. You poor dote! No wonder there were no e-mails from you yesterday regarding the Writers Thingie! I hope you're alright. Remember, lots of tea, cures everything... well makes things more bareable I guess.

    If I don't talk to/e-mail you before tomorrow I'll see you at the Thingie.

  4. I'm hitting the tea pretty heavily at this point!

    See you at the Thingy!


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