Friday, January 15, 2010


From a post by Nicola Morgan at How Publishing Really Works:

Now, I am wholly well. I put that down to having repaired my bruised soul. In the dark days, a clever medical person told me we need heartsong in our lives and that the key to health was finding my heartsong. When he said that, I knew what he meant and where I needed to find it. That’s why I spend time blogging for talented, hard-working, non-delusional writers: because if you have that same need for heartsong, I understand.

It seems to be a very happy time in blogland. Nicola is posting about her happy ending and I came over all ain't-writing-great yesterday. Must be something in the air over this corner of Western Europe.

But the end of Nicola's post got me thinking. Asking 'What's your heartsong?' is quite personal, given that this is a blog, but please understand I'm not asking because I want people to post back and tell me. I'm asking so that we all take a bit of time to think about it, as often as we can, and make sure we have enough of it - or that, in some cases, we're doing enough to get it.

So, in the spirit, disclaimers disclaimed, what's yours?


  1. 'It seems to be a very happy time in blogland.'
    I noticed that too. Today is a good mood day all round I think :)

    Nicola's post was very uplifting, especially as she came to be published in both a traditional and non traditional way. It made me smile to read.

  2. Aw, I think I have many mini heartsongs! My cat, my love, my art. But I guess if I do have one, it's "freedom to be".


    Oh it's so me, me, me! LOL!

    Take care

  3. Many mini-heartsongs sounds like a very sensible plan - diversifying into multiple assets :D

  4. I noticed the happy blogs too. Several of them had me laughing so much. Like Old Kitty's post today, that was the funniest ever.

    Thinking of heartsongs, thinking of laughing...I love to laugh. I love funny. I have a quirky sense of humor shared with my family and I love it when we're all making each other laugh out loud.

  5. I too long for laughter.. some days it's easy. Some times I have to go hunting for laughs. I find them tho..most days.

  6. Laughter is definitely one of mine. I think it probably is for everyone . . or at least I hope so :D


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