Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm on an enforced writing break at the moment due to life getting in the way. I'm currently moving house and free time is at a premium.

However, I have been introduced to something very useful that I want to share with everyone I can think of - Further info here.

Dropbox is a web storage service, which allows you to sync files. I regularly use three different computers, each with a different operating system (Ubuntu netbook remix, Mac OSX Tiger and Windows XP, for any techies among you, and please note that the last one is not voluntary. Nothing against Windows users at all, I just prefer the Mac/Ubuntu interface). This also means I use two different kinds of word processing programs so I need to remember to have the latest version of my novel on a disk key, and in two formats as well.

Yeah. Because I'll totally remember that. Obviously :)

Anyhoo, I now have a trusty Dropbox account with my novel in it, which can be downloaded from anywhere and has useful sync capabilities which I have not yet investigated fully.

Plus, it's free and you get 2GB of storage. My entire novel is less than 200kb so it will take me a long time to fill that. Right now it feels like a challenge.

/end plug


  1. Hi

    Thanks for this. I do have a problem keeping all my files in sync. I have a desktop and crappy laptop but at least the laptop allows me a certain mobility and is extra back-up. The only thing is I'm forever having to save stuff on a usb stick to transfer to the laptop or emailing things to myself etc and so the files are never quite in sync.

    I shall definitely have a good look at this new system. The animation advert made it look so easy!

    Good luck with your move.

    Take care

  2. Glad you found the tip useful :)

    You'll know when the move is done, the blog will get a little more active again!

  3. Ellen: I have this kind of thing with my wonderful Mac book... iDisk. Awesome stuff.
    Good luck with the move!!

  4. Thanks for the tip Ellen. I move between the US and Ireland and this dropbox thingy would be of great benifit to me. Like O.K. I have to email things to myself.

    Good luck with the move. I love moving, it is so fresh startish, don't you think?

  5. Always good to discover there's another Mac user in my life, Christine :)

    Ann, I agree, moving house is pleasingly fresh-start-ish - I'm just at the stressful bit now as I don't know where I'm moving to yet but I know I'm moving very soon. But once that's out of the way, I'm quite looking forward to it!

    Thanks for the good luck wishes :)


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