Friday, January 1, 2010

Courtney Milan is a Genius

I was planning a lovely Year-In-Review post today (it's a public holiday and I have no plans, so it may happen yet) but I have to interrupt my usual blog topics to share something very funny.

Courtney Milan has had feedback from some potential readers, saying they feel uncomfortable reading romance novels with sexy covers at work, or on the bus, or anywhere they can be seen. She suggests a solution.

On a related note, I once read (in a guidebook about London, of all possible places - see, kids, it pays to read widely) about a game that some people play - 'what's the most scandalous book you dare to read on the Tube?' I think the winner was The Sexual Life of Catherine M, by Catherine Millet (never read it, can't comment). I'm not hardcore enough for that game yet. I still worry about what people think of me when I read YA fiction in public (not cool fantasy stuff, which is fine, but those teen novels about Issues with Boys and Identity Formation that I love so much). I just tell myself that people who see me reading those books probably assume I'm about 16 and therefore the right age for them.

C'mon, guys, I'll be 26 in a few weeks. Leave me with my precious illusions. Denial can take a person a long way. Just read Courtney's post if you don't believe me!

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