Saturday, December 12, 2009

Verbal frugality

I was just browsing the Wikipedia page for Doctor Who (yes, it is all go here in the fast lane, thanks for asking) and I found this quotation.

First, have some context - in 1972, the BBC found that, by its own definition of violence, Doctor Who was the most violent programme that they produced. Further, 3% of people surveyed considered it unsuitable family viewing.

From Wikipedia:
However, responding to the findings of the survey in The Times newspaper, journalist Philip Howard maintained that: "to compare the violence of Dr Who, sired by a horse-laugh out of a nightmare, with the more realistic violence of other television series, where actors who look like human beings bleed paint that looks like blood, is like comparing Monopoly with the property market in London: both are fantasies, but one is meant to be taken seriously."

Mr. Howard managed to air at least three different grievances in one sentence. As a writer, I admire anyone who can use language so economically :) I can only aspire to such levels of snark.


  1. I also have to admire the fact you were reading up on Doctor Who. :)

  2. I used to watch DR. WHO!!! Ah.... I am feeling a bit old.
    Great quote!

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  4. Zoe, I'm trying to figure out which episodes I've seen so I can spend Christmas filling in some gaps :) Don't tell Siobhan until I've filled all the gaps, then she might be willing to overlook my flagrant disregard for chronology!

    ***EDIT: One has disregard for things, not from things. Good with words, I am***


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