Saturday, December 26, 2009


Firstly, I hope everyone reading had a lovely Christmas! I certainly did and was thankful for every second of it.

Secondly, I just found two very inspiring posts - useful as we come to the close of a year and a decade. Christine has a post about the work she managed to get done over the holidays, and strikes a great balance between the writing life and the non-writing life, as usual. Go read :)

And while I was poking around some other blogs, I found JA Konrath's blog, which I now follow, because it's great. His post about New Year's Resolutions for Writers is essential reading - I know a few blogging agents who may disagree with his assertion that Print is King, but for now I agree with him that giving up on print completely is a bad plan for a new writer.

So what are my writing resolutions? Eep, that's a scary question. Here's Joe Konrath's suggested list:

Newbie Writer Resolutions
  • I will start/finish the damn book
  • I will always have at least three stories on submission, while working on a fourth
  • I will attend at least one writer's conference, and introduce myself to agents, editors, and other writers
  • I will subscribe to the magazines I submit to
  • I will join a critique group. If one doesn't exist, I will start one at the local bookstore or library
  • I will finish every story I start
  • I will listen to criticism
  • I will create/update my website
  • I will master the query process and search for an agent
  • I'll quit procrastinating in the form of research, outlines, synopses, taking classes, reading how-to books, talking about writing, and actually write something
  • I will refuse to get discouraged, because I know JA Konrath wrote 9 novels, received almost 500 rejections, and penned over 1 million words before he sold a thing--and I'm a lot more talented than that guy
The last one made me smile :)

I'm not sure how feasible this list is for someone who works full-time, but that's the kind of commitment I'm shooting for.

I would like to close by saying 'Anyway, back to the book. . . .'

But I can't, because my mother just popped on a DVD I'd quite like to watch. So I won't be getting back to the book for an hour or so yet. But lots of stuff has made me think over the last few days and I have lots of interesting stuff to bring to the page - so I can't wait to be writing again.


  1. I have lots of interesting stuff to bring to the page.

    Amen! And I do mean you, Ellen B. :-)

  2. I now have an urge to write resolution lists, I will refrain, it is all procrastination.

  3. Thanks, Ghostfolk :D

    Well done, Zoe :) I almost fell prey to that myself, but then I found that list said 'Feck it, I'll aim for all of those and not beat myself up if I don't get them!' So I didn't. Yet. We still have four days to New Year. . .

  4. I love the list. I've been tasked to write an article for my local writing chapter's newsletter about goal setting and this is a good place to start!
    I haven't begun my "resolutions" or set my new goals for 2010. I like to reflect and review over my past year's accomplishments (in writing and personally) before I move forward.

    I love the idea of finishing every book. I needed to read that line because I am in the "I really want junk this current POS because it's not marketable and what on earth was I thinking when I came up with THIS idea??" stage of my revision.

    Onward Ho! And thanks for the plug :)

  5. That's given me a good idea for a post, Christine - every blog needs a Year In Review Post :)

    I always find goal-setting fascinating - if I aim too low, I get complacent, and if I aim too high, I get discouraged, so I'm just terrible at it. I do love reading about it though, so if you can post your article on your blog when it's done - or even just the main ideas - that would be great.

    I've been at that stage with my current WIP more times than I can count. . . all I can say is keep playing through the pain! My big wake-up call was when someone I knew got a book published and I realised that by not finishing my books I was forcibly putting myself out of the whole publication race. How crazy was that. . . so I said I wasn't allowed start a new book until I finished at least one. And I'm almost there!

  6. I recently encouraged a writing friend to finish one book. She had several in mid stage. I was like, you can't get published if you have nothing finished. Hard words, but she finished and is currently in revision. Good for her! Keep moving forward!!

    I like setting goals but there must be slush room. Room for life, for changes in directions and more. I think of goal setting as a synopsis and it is a map, nothing more. The destination is the same but the turning points can and will change.

  7. I'm so glad for your friend! Finishing is an important step - I'm glad she made it, and hopefully I'll be making it myself soon. stand by for a post about a recent minor setback, btw :)

    I definitely agree that we need 'slush room'. I sometimes allow myself too much slush room, I think my big goal for next year will be making sure that slush room IS slush room, and not laziness room!


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