Thursday, December 3, 2009

An Interesting Morning in Blogland

Note: I dislike the term 'blogosphere' so I'm pioneering a change to 'blogland.' Who's with me?

I had quite a bit to read this morning. Apologies to anyone whose follow list is exactly the same as mine. Firstly, guest blogger Kathi Lipp over at Rachelle Gardner's blog has an interesting post about her non-fiction book being optioned as a movie (aside: I'm quite bored of authors talking about how their book being optioned for a movie is surprisingly unglamourous. I'm glad authors keep saying it, because if it's true and involves books then I want to know about it, but Kathi's post was a bit fresher and had more detail so I was very happy to see it).

Next, Christine over at Digging out of Distraction has a lovely post about her real life, involving cleaning bathrooms and a senior citizen who requested some sweet Christmas gifts. I won't spoil it, have a read of it here if you want to smile.

Kristin Nelson's newfound taste for Schadenfreude marches on, as she posts a little more of her bad fortune to make rejected writers feel better - and to reassure us that publishers are still buying stuff and loving stuff. If I had saleable stuff, it would have made me feel great :)

Nathan Bransford is forcing me to think about ebooks again. I do wish he'd stop doing that. I'm trying to pretend they aren't real. Maybe they'll go away if I hide under some dust jackets.

And finally, Victoria Strauss examines the difference between self-publishing and vanity publishing, which everyone in blogland has been tiptoeing around since Harlequin made their announcement.

Laziest blog post ever for the win!


  1. Blogland, hmm... Yep, I think it's a keeper!

    I believe our following the same blogs leads to similar insperationg for blog posts. We should diversify!

  2. We need a schedule - I can write posts inspired by certain blogs one week, and the following week we swap!

    I'm hoping to blog more about writing from now on, so at least we have different things to say on that subject :)

  3. What a fabulous idea, Ellen. Can I join in? Would love to promote other writers and agencies.

  4. I really should read my comments before I post them. I don't know what ‘insperationg’ is, but I'm glad you do :).

    I am steering clear of writing this week and am focusing on the publishing industry in Ireland, so I think we're safe.


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