Monday, November 23, 2009

Work in Progress

I just got back from a week in Prague, so apologies for my spradic blogging of late [Insert traditional-blogger-promise-to-blog-more here].

Partly as a result of the trip, and partly as a result of me being rubbish, I have been writing very little lately, so I thought a blog post on the subject of my work-in-progress (if you'll pardon the overstatement) might help.

I want to have my current work-in-progress done soon, and once it is done, I am planning a monster post on what I've learned while writing it. Chief among these lessons is 'For the love of God, one timeline per book is enough for any sensible writer.' But if I was sensible, I suppose I wouldn't be writing a book, would I? :)

The work-in-progress is still untitled. I am terrible at titles. It deals predominantly with an unmarried mothers' home in the 1940s so I call it 'All The Single Ladies' in my head, but I feel this lacks long-term selling power. It may also lead potential readers to expect far more martini and Jimmy Choos than were to be found in unmarried mothers' homes in the 1940s, and some genius might try to slap a pastel pink cover on it. I started writing the book some time ago, and have taken short breaks from it here and there to play with other projects. Now I just want it done, so I can point to it on my hard drive and say 'There. That's my novel, that is. Bring on the next one, with its delicious single timeline.'

Updates on the work-in-progress will follow. I have planned to write a chapter tonight, and now that I've said that here, I could potentially be humiliated in front of the entire internet if I don't. Will let you know tomorrow how it goes.

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  1. Here, you write one chapter tonight, and I'll try write another page and a half. We can be pitiful writers together!


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