Thursday, November 26, 2009

Raindrops on Rosie and Whiskers on Kittens. . .

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Yes, I'm Irish, and no, we don't celebrate it, but many of the American blogs I read had lovely uplifting posts this morning. Nathan Bransford asks what we are thankful for in the world of writing/publishing/querying, and Jessica Faust over at Bookends LLC has written a wonderful post in thanksgiving for books.

All of which has put me in a very good mood, so I'm going to take a very un-Irish moment out of my morning to mention some of the things I'm thankful for.

1. Writing is still fun. Most of the time.

2. The writing group I have been thinking of starting for ages has its first meeting in the New Year.

3. The writing group is, so far, composed of very cool writers who like tea as much as I do.

4. I still haven't given up on my novel, in spite of the difficulties. Rosie's story may yet have an ending.

5. There are so many great resources available for writers now that weren't there ten, or even five, years ago. Agent blogs, message boards, online critique forums, all kinds of cool stuff.

6. There are so many great books being written (some by the aforementioned cool writers who like tea). Every time I go online or talk to someone, it seems that I become aware of a new, excellent book to read.

7. I have a great support network for my writing - far better than I deserve.

8. And then there's the personal stuff - family, friends, loved ones, home, Dublin, tea, music, knitting, the fact I haven't wrapped any of the three cars I drive regularly around anything solid (yet), the fact London is still reassuringly there across the Irish sea, all full of bookshops and museums and cafes and red buses, material comforts, and too many other things to name.

Also, I discovered two nights ago that one of my old bosses has the ability to make obstacles vanish and create miracles in their place. I'm thankful she's on my side. . . !

Normal Hiberno-begrudgery will resume shortly.


  1. Thankful that there is a new independent bookstore in Ranelagh

    Recession be damned!

  2. I've been to it, and it is very nice. I was impressed with how well-chosen their stock was.

    I haven't been to The Gutter Bookshop in Temple Bar yet, but I may try and drop in this weekend.

  3. Hey there, fellow Irish writer. Found you from Nathan Bransford. Happy Irish thanksgiving to you.

  4. Thought I'd pop in and peek at your blog. I'm glad you found a support group of writers to meet with in person. It's vital. We're so lucky here to have our RWA chapters. Your post makes me grateful for the access I have to them.

  5. The RWA sound fantastic, they make me wish I lived in the US and wrote romance, just so I could participate.

    Although I just read my first Sherry Thomas book so I am a new romance fan!

    I definitely agree that groups are important - writing in a vacuum just leads to all kinds of skewed perspectives! And I can't overstate how much I need other pairs of eyes - my boyfriend once had to tell me that I had neglected to mention the city my novel was set in for the first four chapters :)


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