Monday, April 20, 2009

Agent for a Day

I've been following the Agent for a Day contest over on Nathan Bransford's blog, not least because I was query number 36. I'm a massive House fan, so I was tempted to wander around calling myself Thirty-Six for the week the contest was running, but I feel those around me probably put up with enough from me.

It ended up being a really valuable exercise for me. I didn't participate in the contest (big congrats to Moth and Chenelley, who won!), but I made a few guesses, all but one of which were wrong. I did get a lot of great feedback though. A surprising amount of people didn't just see the flaws on my query letter, they managed to see the flaws in the whole manuscript - I didn't even post sample pages. There's something a bit demoralising about someone reading one sentence of your query and saying 'There's no conflict for this character - I'm not interested', but if there is even a chance they're right (and in my case, I suspect they are) it's great to get that kind of feedback. Even if it does make you wonder if one of your critique-buddies snitched on you. . . .

I just wanted to say a very big thank-you to everyone involved - I've been enjoying Nathan's blog and the community of commenters there for a while and it was great to get a little more involved.

Although now that the contest is over and I'm not obsessively checking the request rate of my favourite query-ers, I suppose I'll just have to try and finish the bloody book. :)